Samson was a flawed candidate but God used him to accomplish the deliverance of Israel. Just think about it. You know the story. Although Samson was set apart unto God from birth as a Nazarite and was not supposed to cut his hair, drink wine, or touch any dead thing, he managed to violate all of these requirements during his lifetime. Yet God still used Samson as a judge and deliverer. He was supernaturally strong and could slay hundreds with nothing more in his hands than the jawbone of a donkey, and even his countrymen were afraid and skeptical of him and would not have voted for him to be a dog/fox catcher. This guy hooked up with a pagan Philistine woman against his parents’ advice, taunted his political opponent with riddles, killed people to steal their clothes, vindictively burned his enemies crops, and consorted with a traitorous woman named Delilah who sold him into the hands of his enemies for money. One of the saddest verses in all of scripture occurs in Judges 16:20, which says, “And she said, ‘The Philistines are upon you, Samson!’ And he awoke from his sleep and said, ‘I will go out as at other times and shake myself free.’ But he did not know that the Lord had departed from him.”

Samson lost his eyesight, his strength, and what reputation he had, but again – God  used Samson to deliver Israel from her oppressors. His hair grew back and his strength returned, but, broken and humbled, he cried out to God for strength to avenge himself for his two eyes. Amazingly, God heard him and allowed Samson to pull down the pillars of the pagan temple, killing more people in his death than when he lived and, thereby, bringing judgment on the pagan idol worshipers and deliverance for Israel. God can strike a mighty good lick with a crooked stick.

As we review the biblical timeline, we see many other crooked sticks used by God in great ways, men such as Moses who started out as a fugitive from Pharaoh after murdering an Egyptian soldier, or King David the adulterer, or Saul the persecutor/murderer of Christians who became Paul the missionary/church planter/writer of the epistles. While we’re pondering, just look at yourself. Anytime God uses you and me, He is using a crooked stick that’s been washed in the blood of the Lamb and filled with the Holy Ghost. Isn’t that true and isn’t that amazing?

I remember one day driving to work with smoke coming out of my ears after one particular argument with my wife. I was really peeved and aggravated. About two hours into my workday, God allowed me to lead one of my patients to faith in Christ. I pondered that long and hard later in the day. Now how do you explain that one? God can strike a mighty good lick with a crooked stick. Once again – anytime He uses any one of us, He is using a crooked stick.

Now this leads me to our President, Donald Trump, who is certainly a flawed individual like Samson, whose countrymen were afraid of him, begged him to back down and not be so pugnacious, and were willing to tie him up and hand him over to the Philistines just to keep the peace. In the eyes of many, especially the evangelical right and establishment Republicans, Mr. Trump, excuse me, President Trump, has many character flaws and questionable political leadership skills. His past and present weaknesses have been put on the big screen. I have to admit he has a thick skin and is unflinching. Mr. Trump is a pugnacious pugilist, a barroom brawler, a bare-fisted boxer, who fears not the media nor the Republican establishment nor the liberal Democrats. He is the champion of the middle class working man and woman. They tried to cut his hair and blind his eyes during the campaign, but were unsuccessful. Nevertheless, he pushed down the pillars of the Democratic/liberal media temple to the shock and dismay of many political pundits.

Donald Trump is a tool in the hands of almighty God who will accomplish His eternal purpose in America – whatever that might be. Our part in this plan is to “pray for those in authority.” Pray that God will surround him with wise counsel. Pray that God will give him a heart of humility and wisdom. Pray for his spiritual life that he will be drawn close to God the Father. Pray for his wife and children that God will build a hedge of protection around them.  Pray that Mr. Trump will be a strong man like Samson, who will be used by God to deliver us from many of the ills plaguing our government. Remember our hope does not rest in horses, chariots, or in the legs of men, but in the Lord God Almighty, and who knows but that God might strike a mighty good lick with the crooked stick known as President Trump.

written by Robert Jackson