If the unborn of South Carolina are human beings deserving of equal protection under the law and if abortion is murder as we clearly understand it to be then:

  1. Abortion doctors are baby murderers and deserve to be prosecuted for murder.
  2. Women who obtain abortions are not victims but accomplices to murder and should be prosecuted for murder.
  3. Prosecutors who fail to prosecute are derelict in their duty and should be removed from office.
  4. Judges who fail to provide justice to unborn victims of murder are unworthy of their positions and should be removed.
  5. Legislatures who decide who can and who cannot live by their law-making are tyrants by definition and should be voted out of office.
  6. Pastors who fail to protest baby-killing in the strongest terms have lost their prophetic voice should be ashamed before God.
  7. Christian laymen who do not clamor for justice for the unborn should repent of their apathy and unconcern and beg for God’s mercy.

If that which grows in the mother’s womb is a human being, created in the image of God and special in the economy of God, then none of us should put our head on the pillow any night unless we have satisfied our conscience that we have done all within our personal resources to put a stop to what amounts to the wholesale slaughter of innocent, unborn human beings. What have you done to stop abortion in South Carolina? What have you done today to promote Personhood in South Carolina?

(Check out https://personhood.sc/ for more information.)