Tyranny occurs when an individual or group of individuals seizes control of a government and deprives the people of their God-given rights as Hitler did in Nazi German or Stalin in Russia. Tyrannical rules generally result in terror and death, not just the termination of individual civil liberties. We live under tyranny in the United States. Most of us just don’t perceive it because it doesn’t directly touch our lives. Each year nearly one million unborn children, having committed no crime and without due process of law, have their fundamental rights stripped away by abortion. This is a tyranny of the worst sort. Judges and legislators perpetuate this tyranny or look the other way. A million citizens of America die annually by abortion, and those in a position of power and influence turn a deaf ear and a blind eye while the blood of the innocent cries out from the ground like the blood of innocent Abel did so long ago. God hears their tortured cries. Why don’t we?

I’ll tell you why. It’s because this tyranny is too convenient. How else will we take care of our teenage daughters and granddaughters who become pregnant out of wedlock? We detest the idea of abortion until it’s our family member who is facing shame and embarrassment. Then,  legalized abortion is just too convenient. How else will we deal with handicapped children diagnosed before birth? We concede that they bear the image of God just like all others and their lives are precious, too, but, honestly, who wants to learn the lessons in life that we learn caring for handicapped children? Those lessons are too hard, and abortions are too easy and convenient. That’s a tyranny we would rather live with. It’s just that when you add them all up, your convenience and mine, equals a million dead babies, sixty-plus million babies since 1973. Hitler and Stalin would be proud of us. I know Satan is and the great heart of God is grieving!

Both the Third Reich and Communism were tyrannies that eventually collapsed. When will the tyranny of abortion collapse in America? Only when God-fearing, right-thinking people confess to God their detente with abortion. Détente means peaceful coexistence. The church has been peacefully co-existing with abortion for 40+ years, apathetic, uncaring, glad to have the safety valve of abortion if we need it.

Oh, God, forgive us! Repent, Church! Repent and confess, then bring forth fruit in keeping with repentance!

  1. Pray every day that God will end abortion.
  2. Confess your own apathy and unconcern.
  3. Ask God to bring repentance and revival to your heart and your local congregation.
  4. Pray for your legislators to become strong pro-life advocates.
  5. Volunteer at your local CPC.
  6. Financially support a CPC and pro-life organizations.
  7. Pray about being a foster parent/adopting.

Never underestimate the power of God, the power of prayer, and the power of righteously indignant citizens empowered by Holy Spirit to right the wrongs of their culture.