Her name was Norma McCorvey, aka Jane Roe. Most people have never heard her name, especially her real name, and most do not realize Norma is “Roe” in the Supreme Court decision called Roe v. Wade, legalizing abortion on demand in all fifty states on January 22, 1973. When Norma became pregnant with her third child, she wanted an abortion. Her lawyers compelled her to say she was raped to add emotional pathos to her story (later she refuted this claim). Because it took time for her case to wend its way through the courts, she had this baby. By now you have probably read her story.

It is a story my husband and I recount in our soon-to-be-published book. In fact, we were reviewing the book and, in particular, her chapter for the hundredth “final” time when our daughter texted us, asking us if we had heard the news about Ms. McCorvey’s death. She was only 69, which seems young to me these days.

Ms. McCorvey’s name will be forever connected to the deaths of fifty million plus babies by abortion. Her name will be tied to controversy, lies, and political turmoil. Her name will be remembered for her role in changing the very moral fiber of our country.

Robert and I didn’t know her name for years until we educated ourselves on the issue of abortion in the 1980s. Then about 1996 at a restaurant in Spartanburg, South Carolina, when she was on a tour with Rev. Flip Benham, a leader of Operation Rescue, we were privileged to meet Ms. McCorvey. We sat enthralled in her presence as she relayed her story.

In the coming days you will hear much about Ms. McCorvey and her ongoing struggles. It will be hard to discern the truth from today’s media. In a nutshell here is what we heard and saw that day at the old Capri’s restaurant near Spartanburg Regional Hospital. By the testimony of her lips, she regretted her role in today’s abortion industry, she loved the Lord Jesus and claimed Him as her Savior, and she would spend the rest of her life trying to reverse the decision of Roe v. Wade. We saw sincerity, humility, and a quiet serenity.

The MOST important thing for us to remember about Norma McCorvey is her name is written down in the Lamb’s book of life. Once written there, it can never be removed. It was not recorded as Jane Roe but as Norma McCorvey – child of the King, believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, washed in the blood of the Lamb and all because she called upon the Name that is above every name – the name of Jesus. I look forward to seeing Norma McCorvey again one day! – Carlotta

written by Carlotta Jackson