I was searching for another verse last week for a totally different reason than posting for Valentine’s when I ran across a verse that begins with this, “Then Satan stood up against Israel…” (I Chronicles 21:1) I am certainly no theologian but my first thought was the implication that at times Satan must be sitting down. However, when it came to Israel, through whom the Son of God would ultimately come into the world to save it, Satan STOOD up, reared back, and threw all the fiery darts of evil he could at it with all the force and power allotted to him.

“Satan stood up…”

Now that doesn’t sound like a romantic, feel-good verse for Valentine’s, does it? Then I thought about marriage, our marriage, and how I see other marriages. I see temptation and sin, disappointment, difficult circumstances, wayward children, and wayward spouses. On the other hand I see what appears (notice my choice of words because one never knows what goes on behind closed doors) to be the easy life – no problems, no struggles, perpetual calm.

If life and marriage have seemed extra difficult for you, then maybe you should take it as a compliment!! Maybe there are some people and some marriages so trying to make a difference in God’s kingdom, seeking to serve Him faithfully, and chasing after Him that Satan has to STAND up, rear back, and throw all he has at those people, those marriages. For indeed, he is your mortal enemy (not your spouse) and the enemy of marriage, “prowling about like a roaring lion, seeking someone (a marriage) to devour” (1 Peter 5:8).

Your spouse is not your enemy; Satan is.

Is your or my marriage one of those? If so, then shout, “Hallelujah!” and tell Satan to get behind you! Confess any sin! Put on your spiritual armor and keep on keeping on! Consider it all joy! Press on – forget what lies behind and reach to what lies ahead! In so doing, the best might just lie ahead – for your marriage and mine! Yes! Yes! Yes! Praise God! – Carlotta

written by Carlotta Jackson