Miriam Jackson

My wife and I first crossed paths at a piano at Clemson University. She played and I sang in a trio for a Christian organization. Another fellow in the group asked her to practice with us. If our babies could remember, their first memories would be of their dad holding them and singing his heart out while their mom played. After graduating from nursing school, my wife bought a needed car first but her beloved piano next. We imparted our love of music to all of our children as each has studied it in one form or another.

Our daughter Miriam earned a vocal performance degree from Converse College, so she frequently joins us on the platform. Singing like Sandy Patti of her parents’ generation as well as sacred music with her classically trained voice, she can also sing the contemporary Christian music of her millennial generation. Miriam loves Jesus and desires to honor the Lord, to bless the saved, and to lead the lost to Christ with the power yet sweetness of her voice singing the truths of the gospel. 

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