Today is the first of our two broadcasts with Dr. James Dobson, bringing attention to the anniversary of the January 22, 1973 Supreme Court decision called Roe v. Wade legalizing abortion. Since then approximately 60 million babies have been aborted.  Once again, we thank Dr. Dobson for sharing the privilege of his platform with us. We also thank him for his stalwart pro-life position for so many years and for being willing to promote our pro-life book and message. Certainly, Dr. Dobson will be found faithful. May all of us be found faithful.

The following is from the foreword in The Family Doctor Speaks: The Truth About Life. We hope to encourage all of our pro-life friends no matter where you are on your journey – a new pro-lifer or a weary soldier in the trenches for many years.

Be bold and courageous, my pro-life friend, as David was not afraid of the lion, the bear, or Goliath. Be not afraid of the colossal abortion industry; its foundation is built on lies and falsehood. Pick up your sling and stone and run towards the giant in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel whom the murderous abortion industry has defied. Understand clearly that you have only one stone in your sling and that stone is truth — the truth that life begins at conception, and that all human life is sacred and deserves to be protected from conception until natural death. Proclaim this truth now and forever until truth strikes down the lying giant opposing God and His precious little ones. When the giant falls to the ground lifeless, the whole world will know there is a God in Israel!!!! Furthermore, when this giant falls, I promise you, it will not be by sword or spear but by divine fiat, in a way none of us would predict, for the battle is truly the Lord’s.