Funny thing about truth – it is tenacious; it is like the Dermabond that we physicians use to adhere margins of wounds together. That stuff is so sticky and tenacious that if you get it on your fingers they are stuck together for hours. One of my doctor friends accidentally allowed a drop of the Dermabond to fall on a patient’s eyelid. The upper and lower lids were glued shut for two days. Oh, my!!

Truth is irrepressible. Suppressing truth is like nailing jello to a tree. It is like trying to hold a giant beach ball under water by yourself. It is exhausting and pert near impossible. The beach ball always eventually finds a way to the surface. Truth, when suppressed, is like this also. It always finds a way to the surface, to the light.

In Jesus’ day the ruling authorities tried to suppress Him, who is the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life. They crucified Him, buried Him in a tomb, rubbed their hands together, and said, “There, that takes care of Him.” Yet the darkness could not overcome the light or the truth. He that was the light of the world and the truth of God burst forth from the grave to become the light of life. Truth cannot be suppressed. It is unconquerable and indomitable.

This month is sanctity of human life month. The truth about life in the womb is a sticky wicket. Like any contact with the tar baby, any knowledge of the status of the unborn child contaminates you with the truth. Once informed, now you know the truth – that which grows in the mother’s womb is a human being, deserving of every right/protection that we deserve as born citizens of the U.S.A. That truth is inescapable. You can’t get the tar off your hands or your conscience. It’s indelibly imprinted on there forever. That thing you once were in your mother’s womb is a baby, not a blob of tissue, not a meaningless mass of cells, not a product of conception, but a living human being created in the image of God and special in the economy of God.

The truth about the resurrection spread like wildfire only because of eyewitnesses told everyone they met the truth despite 300 years of unbelievable persecution. The truth could not be suppressed. Truth is like that. It is a sticky, tenacious thing.

Consider the truth about life – the life in the womb. It is intuitively obvious even to the casual observer that there is human life of infinite value in the mother’s womb. Only the blind try to deny this. When will an army of those whose eyes are wide open to the truth rise up in righteous indignation and speak the truth about life so loudly and earnestly that no one can deny the truth any longer and those who try will be shamed into silence.

Truth always wins. Truth always prevails in the end, but truth requires a voice to speak it like those who proclaimed the resurrection.

Funny thing about truth. It’s quite tenacious once you know it. I see a little tar on your cheek. What will you do about it?

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