From Rob-

     I  had  the  privilege  of  being  the  second  Jackson  child  to  attend  the  School  Of Discipleship  at  Miracle Mountain  Ranch  after  my  sister  Hannah.  Out  of  the  four Jackson  children  who  have  attended  the program, I  was  the  only  one  to  stay  for  the second  year  program.  My  two  years  at  MMR  were  the  most pivotal years of  my  life. Not  only  did  I  make  some  of  the  best  friends  that  I  will  never  forget  (one  of which  I married three  years  after  we  graduated),  I  grew  immensely  closer  to  my  Lord  and Savior.
      I  am  just  pointing  out  one  of  the  most  significant  spiritual  lessons  I  learned  since I’m  not  nearly  as verbal  as  my  sister.  LOL  Close  to  the  end  of  my  two  years,  I  began to  realize  the  importance  of  trusting the  authorities  placed  above  me  -­‐  most importantly,  the  authority  of  the  Lord  Himself,  but  also  my parents,  pastor,  youth pastor,  teachers,  etc.  Those  authorities  were  and  are  placed  in  our  lives  to  protect us.  I  haven’t  always  understood  the  significance  of  that.  We  can  all  save  others  and ourselves  a  lot  of heartache,  trouble,  and  pain  by  trusting  the  authorities  placed  in our  lives.  There  is  security  in  authority.
      Speaking  of  security,  I  came  away  from  the  ranch  knowing  my  salvation  was secure.  I  know  that  since I accepted  the  Lord  as  my  Savior  when  I  was  a  child,  I  am then  one  of  His  children  forever.  I  can  say this with  peace  and  confidence  since  the Word  of  God  says  no  one  can  pluck  me  out  of  His  hand. I  have  to give  all  the  credit  to  the  Lord  for  the  work  in  my  life  but  I  must  say thanks  to  the  wonderful staff  of  the Ranch  who  planted  the  seeds  in  my  life  that flourished  and  helped  me  be  the  man  I  am  today by graciously  leading  and  teaching everyday  for  two  years.
Robert  Edward  Jackson  III



Some of my fellow apprentices and me after taking our class picture

Hanging out before the weather got too cold

Jordan Rainey and I “working” in the shop

All apprentices are taught how to present a Biblical principle through everyday tools and God’s nature, more specifically with a horse

This is another picture from my “Sermon on the Mount” presentation that I gave for class credit

My brother Jehu, myself, and other apprentices from my year and other years hanging out in Georgia at the Eddy homestead, the “Seven Arrows Ranch”

We spent the weekend mudding and hunting!

Goofing off on graduation day

All the guys, first and second year grads, on graduation day

Our class picture on graduation day

Receiving my diploma from Matt Cox, the Executive Director

All second years receive a MMR belt buckle upon graduation. My sister Hannah didn’t attend a second year and I think she’s still a little bitter she didn’t get one lol

My staff picture for retreat season and summer camp